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My journey of self (re)discovery...

my journey of self (re)discovery...

2 August
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Violently Happy

hey! my name is John. i am currently 18 years old. music is my life and i listen to everything from Bjork to the Black Eyed Peas! whatever i am listening to usually reflects what part of my personality is showing and thusly it should only make sense that i have so many musical interests in so many artists.
i currently work at a day care and use to see myself seeking a profession in teaching but not so much anymore. my passion is fashion. not designing clothes or anything like that, but more or less Criticizing the looks that designers make. i see myself seaking a Career in cosmtology.i want to start out in salons in new york city and work my way up to private clients.
i am gay which pretty much throws into the poltical side of life (i am a registered libral and proud) i don't like to think of myself as the typical gay. i do have my girlie traits as well as my manly traits and am really comfortable with who i am and who i am constantly becoming. i guess i am not gay first and that realy makes a diffrence. i stand up for gay rights, gay issues, and always support someone in need, gay or not. they say treat others as you would wish to be treated and i try to stay true to the moral and hold it as a peronal truth.
anything else you'd like to know? well why not read my journal...?